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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vintage Lot:   Everything needs a good cleaning, but since I do not know much about true vintage I will not attempt to clean colored clothing. I have soaked some of the all white pcs to see if they would come clean and most did, but still need more by someone who knows how best to do it. I have noted the few pcs that need to be mended, again, I am not going to attempt to fix them for fear of making  it worse. Overall the clothing is is good shape considering its age, and if cleaned correctly, could be great for display.

Case is in decent shape, I washed it with a damp cloth, but it could use a really good cleaning.There is some kind of glue/tape under the cardnoard acc. box. One corner has a hole, but good for display

Poor Ken has seen better days, missing one arm and needs a good cleaning

Blue and white Tank upper right is separated at one shoulder, a few hand stitches should fix

Black/white dress is coming apart at the seam close to the hem and near the waist where the dress closes